Bucket+List=Bucket List!

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out    how far they can go.”                                                             – T.S. Eliot

I am not really the type of person who is utterly willing to turn my dreams into reality; it is just recently that I found out (through a friend of mine) how good it is to have a bucket+list, so I made one:

  • Conquer Mountains
    • Mt. Batulao
    • Mt. Manalmon
    • Mt. Arayat (half of the Mountain-North side)
    • Mt. Manabu
    • Mt. Kilimanjaro
    • Mt. Fuji
    • Mt. Aso
    • Mt.Gulugod Baboy
    • Mt. Talamitam
    • Osmena Peak
  • Do skydiving in the most popular skydiving site in the world
  • Go to onsen during winter in the land of the rising sun- Japan
  • Participate in tea ceremony in Kyoto or Nara
  • Do some bungee-jumping! and Scuba Diving!
  • Have a winter-fling… (not summer :P)
  • Take photos and mementos for every place that I will be able to conquer (like Columbus!)
  • Pass JLPT N-4, N-3 and eventually 2 and 1
  • Do some volunteer works (anywhere in the world)
  • Go to Iraq and take a picture 🙂
  • Do backpacking at least once every quarter ( so i need to have a better paying job??? ) 😉
  • Polish my Shodo skills (if I have one) 🙂
  • Take and pass the Foreign Service Exam 🙂 (cross-fingers!)
  • Have a well-written blog (hoping)
  • Take the risk to go to Africa
  • Take a 3-6 months off from urbanity and explore at least one indigenous community, -sort of community immersion ( did one through VSO-ICS Programme in the Philippines)
  • Have a Hello Kitty stuff in every country that I will be able to explore – even if it is a small charm will do!  🙂
  • Go to:
    • Ilocos
    • Camiguin
    • Cebu
    • Zamboanga
    • Palawan
    • Batanes
    • Davao
    • Gen. San
    • Sagada
    • Dipolog
    • Tugegarao
    • Davao
    • Dumaguete
    • Puerto Galera
    • Boracay
    • Nagsasa Cove, Zambales
    • Calaguas island
    • Daet,Bicol
  • See London in its finest!
  • Hit red districts
  • See Kabuki and Western Plays
  • Wear Kimono or Yukata
  • Try all the teas and coffees being offered by the world 🙂
  • Go to Amazon River and see Anaconda (:))
  • Go to India and see Taj Mahal
  • Own and buy a Matryoshka doll in Russia
  • Try Surfing ( this calls for a swimming class! 🙂 )
  • Participate in Amazing Race (heads up again- need to be fit! )
  • Collect traditional Dresses all over the world
  • Make a snowman
  • Try skiing/ice skating (obviously in one of the countries up North 🙂 )
  • Canyoneering
  • Whale Shark Watching

Things which I wrote here may or may not be put into reality, though, I am hoping and will work on it to become a real one, like most of the disney movies that we love to watch. I’ll keep on writing and writing not because someone will be reading this, but this is just an outlet, of what I really want to say, asks what I want to know and be free to express what I want to express.


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