I am an idealist, Marxist and liberalist;

I am a half- catholic, half Zen Buddhist

I am a Japanese fanatic, origami addict, and hopeless romantic.

I am not a public speaker, but when you came across the corridor, I’ll spare a minute or two to talk

I am shy type yet talkative to my peers

I am inquisitive yet disappointed and stressed if not answered

I am future oriented, early retirement

I am day dreamer, yet a certified workaholic

I am zoo phobic but a certified hello kitty addict

I am a traveler with out a sense of direction

I am a photographer without a camera and a film on hand

I am bookish with short term concentration

I am not a sport addict but I ran once in a while

I am sensitive, when others look down on me

I am snobbish but a sure friend to call

I am a nature tripper with spontaneous plan in mind;

I am history addict, economics, rise and fall of stocks are on my way, but pursue a more conservative political field of study

I am a good listener as others say, as apathetic when other’s business ran on my way

I write with nonsense topics, anything under the sun

I ask unfamiliar and silly questions

I am easily get discourage, yet over a cup of coffee surely I can regain myself

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