Job Hunting


Real life starts when you finally leave your own comfort zone and accept that life is not as utopic as what the Republic by Plato suggests.

I am having a dilemma; I need to consolidate in my mind the idealism and realism that keeps popping in my head every time that I will drop my resume in HR department. There are jobs, there are a lot of jobs, waiting to be filled and companies are willing to provide their employees the perks and privileges that will make them stay.

Job hunting is like an investment

Job hunting is much like investing in equities, in real estates to name a few. Your four year college degree is also a kind of investment. Your parents spent thousandths if not hundreds of their precious salary to send you in a good and reputable university. Your degree of specialization will determine what kind of asset you will be when you finally leave the four corners of your classroom. Companies will hire those who is profitable, those who can make money for them, while on the job hunter’s perspective, they are looking for companies who can provide them career growth, and of course experience and benefits.

Degree of specialization determines your asset

Like any other fresh graduate in the country, I am one of those graduates with a multidisciplinary degree. Meaning, I can work in any field of study, weather in sales, marketing, admin, research, public and labor relations, outsourcing and among other industries which may require both critical and communication skills.

Like any other graduate, finding your own niche in a competitive market will be a big problem. It is because, first, you want to maximize what you have learned in the university and apply those theories in your prospective job. Second, since you have this thin paper called “diploma” you don’t want other people to underestimate your capabilities and even your intellectual capability. You might tell yourself, “ I made policy papers when I was at the university, I made presentations and researches about the global politics and economics, I analyzed the trends in both emerging and developed markets internationally, I made comments, argued, draw perspectives and even conduct a thorough research for persons of high value in society,  I formulate and synthesized events in history according to theories of International Relations and  even International Political Economy yet I will work as if I am not a qualified person?”

Let us define what qualified person is. Well based on my experience, a qualified person has what it takes to be on the position being offered by the company. Going back to my list, the third will be your idealism vs. realism mentality.

In an emerging market like the Philippines, there are actually four industries that pushed for the economic growth namely: the Business Processing Outsourcing industry, the Tourism, the Agribusiness, and the Manufacturing. If you studied hard when you were in the university, you will have a hard time to decide which industry you will fall. Why? Basically because, at first, university education plays a lot in propagating the “ideal”, the standard, the norm of how to decide on things. Do you think if you will apply the standard meaning of democracy what might happen in the Philippines for the recent decades? If the concept of merit and bureaucracy (ideally) applied would you think that there will be consul generals that will be recalled by the foreign ministry because of falsification of documents? Would the Philippine democracy wont be as elicit democracy as it is now?  

Think again buddy, the life you and I had for the past 20 years are just as ideal as it was. But the real world needs more aggressive, flexible individuals that will make profit for them. What is the reality? The majority of the population in the country is living below the 2 dollar per day as a standard definition by UN on poverty. How do they able to measure poverty? Do they have any idea how does a poor lives with a hundred pesos in his pocket? While the majority of the Filipinos read in the newspapers that the recent upgrade by Fitch is a good sign of development, the question of inclusive growth remains a cloud of doubt. Who benefits from such upgrade by the Fitch? Those who invest their excess money in equities, time deposits and even in bonds; but the ordinary “Juan de la Cruz” won’t benefit from such good news because he has no idea about banking and finance. He even has a little or no knowledge on how banks make profit out of his money, nor the role of banks and financial institutions that may affect his own job.

Welfare State

I will admit I am a beneficiary of the welfare state. What is welfare state? Allow me to give you an idea what is a welfare state. France is my primary example. In France, an individual who is born is entitled to social services, education, livelihood, and health. The French government subsidized these services to the people. Meaning, those who are both working and non-working French citizen is entitled to such services.

In the case of the Philippines, the government only subsidized those who are living as poorest of the poor under the 4 P’s of the current administration. They will provide an educational assistance and maternal assistance to those who qualify for the program. Quite interesting, is that, those who are beneficiaries of such programs owns a dvd player, an aircon at their abode, 2 cell phones and you might think that they are not really poor. While those who are newbie in the real world, doesn’t have a penny in their pocket to print their resumes, and to shoulder transportation costs. I may sound unrealistic, that I am proposing an unemployment voucher for those who are fresh graduates and this can be used for their job hunting game.

Job hunting is not an easy game. Neither surviving the game is not an easy one. I guess, it is just a start of something new (with ♪ background music of HSM: Start of Something New).J J J





No class, suspended, because of monsoon rains

Rains that started last Monday

Rainy days in Mondays like the classic “The Carpenters” song

Making me feel sleepy.

Father arrived with bad news to say

As usual, the conference has started.

We talked about the work – his work

And found out that he will take  a leave for pete sake!

He will take a leave, not to say that he will retire,

Retirement is different from taking a 5 days leave

He will take the leave, so that he wont see

How problematic the office can be

I envy those who are educated,

They know how to make lies the truth

In the eyes of the majority he will win

In a battle of ideas that is inevitable of him.

I envy those who can make things worse,

Making a simple life in a catastrophe world;

I am not in the position to write this things,

But surely  I am entitled of my freedom of speech.

To speak needs to think,

Of what to say and how to say,

In this society that my family is in,

We are not entitled to make criticism

Over the big boss in front of me.

I am afraid that I might encounter,

Person like her weeping me in vain.

I hate those who see me, not as who I am,

Capable of doing things that can turn

Their lives in upside down.

Tipsy curvy life is what I want

For those who bought my father in tears,

Not because I want revenge,

Not only because of my father

But because of millions of  people who are also in vain.

I am sick of this life, making moves on how to advance,

Personal interest over public interest,

Which  keeps me inquiring,

Is there really a concept of justice

In country like this?

Viewing in international arena, we live in a capitalist- democratic society,

Free – flow of goods, services and even ideology,

But it is inevitable in a society

To have a contraction between the burgeosie and the proletariat.

Which  makes things worst; proletariats clamors for democracy and equality,

But let’s face the reality, egalitarian will never exists,

Since each individual personality has it’s own realistic mindset

That will advance it’s interest over the other.

We want to advance the human rights,

But certainly we can’t do that,

As long as disparity exists

No one can exit.

How to prove that I can make things better

Is what my parents told me

You’ve seen the status quo,

What is you antithesis for this?

You want change?

How will you make one?

How will you participate?

How will you make things better

If people like them still in this world?

All I could do,

As I said to them, is to study

Learn the basics of the game,

Make the most of the strategic planning

As deeper as it can be.

I will enter the game,

Not now but in the future let’s say.

I will make different strategies,

Not to lose in the game.

I remembered  what my professor said,

You are in an intellectual journey,

You need to become the philospher kings and queens.

To make life a better .

Since to govern needs intelligence,

But what if, the intelligence corrupted

Our  society that we should make a living?

A Closure to Japanese Culture


A closure to Japanese Culture




It has been three years and almost five months since I studied Japanese language. In that span of time, I learned a lot, and as I said in my paper in my university that, there is much more to learn, much more to experience in the Japanese culture.




I studied the language by force not because I like J-pop, anime, kabuki nor Noh. I studied the language as part of my university’s curricula. No foreign language no graduation. Among the languages that I could choose from are the following: Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese. Unfortunately there was no available professor in my former university otherwise take it on the metropolis; I was forced to have Japanese instead of French.




During my early days as a college student, I took the words of my professors as the truth; it was as if I am indoctrinated to follow this, to accept that Marxism is good and other stuffs. It turned out that, religiously I studied well in my academic subjects but, it did not paid off in my foreign language. I got an almost failing grade in my Japanese 101; suffice for me not to be qualified for the academic scholarship.




My journey did not end with an almost failing grade. By summer of 2009, in our church plaza, I saw an advertisement, searching for Japanese students who want to learn how to write, read and speak Japanese language for free. It was a summer workshop on Japanese language; together with my classmate, we went to the address, and see for ourselves if it is worth to give it a try.




The outside university affair




It was an unforgettable experience for me. The outside university affair served me well for my Japanese class, and at the same time, gaining friends that I might never met if I did not pursue the outside university affair.




I had a Japanese sensei, who was a retired teacher in Japan, taught Japanese language in high school and a strict professor as I can say. He might be strict, yes, but behind those “ carrot and stick” principle, I know that he wants the best for the both of us ( me and my Japanese learning buddy). We are continuously studying the language and keep aiming high both for our careers and most importantly, our dream to go to Japan.




Why Japanese language?




It has been a perennial question that my classmates would ask me. Why?


Of all the languages in the world, why settle for Japanese language? The answer might be a tough one. Imagine, Japanese language is not an official language used in the United Nations, in ASEAN, perhaps, it might be used. But beyond those technicalities, I settle for the Japanese language not because of the fact that it may serve me well in the International fora, but because, there is more personal reason – I want to change the way Japanese people see the Filipinos in their country.




Too idealistic? I guess so………




I could still remember that, during my elementary days, I used to read in the newspapers about those Filipino entertainers who go to Japan, work and go back to the country with money.




When I enter senior high school, a good friend of mine, who has an elder sister working and living in Japan, used to send her Japanese textbooks and even mp3 players. One time, I borrowed her book, practiced memorizing ohayou gozaimasu, konnichiwa, the counting principle and a lot more. One of my teachers told me, why study Japanese? Do you want to work in Japan as Japayuki?? It was odd, yes, but as I remember it now, I can’t help, but to smile. Even our own ‘kababayans” has the same thinking as any other people that I’ve known. They looked down on their own “kababayan” without knowing that, in the first place, they did not want that kind of job, it was just that they don’t have any choice at that time, weather to take the job or starving to death?




Fast forward – when I enter university, I am lucky enough to have a professor who is a multimillionaire (I think) and he has a placement agency. His first client? – The Japanese. He used to send Filipina to Japan and later on, go back to the country. Sounds interesting.. ?? I guess so…J




The things that keeps me holding on to Japanese …….




First, I spent my 4 years studying the language, I invested my time, effort and of course money in going to my sensei’s house every weekend. I’ve learned from my friend who is an investor; “you’re investments should work for you and it should be compounding in interest”. J




Second, it is only the Japanese language that binds me with my mentors and friends that I may never meet if I did not continue this journey. Yes, they may serves as my mentors, my coffee buddy, my life coach, and of course, they are one of the reasons why I can’t let go of the rope. J




Third, speaking from the perspective of former Foreign Service student, the geopolitical mapping of today’s generation has shifted. We started from the industrialization of Britain, to the revolution and hegemony of US, to the balancer of International Relations – Asia (Tripartite relations). Tracing out the history of international relations; Japan, served well the region where it belongs and the international community.




Fourth, at the current status of Japan – Philippines bilateral relations, both countries are enjoying flexible and not so flexible agreements. To cite one, the JPEPA, where in, the Philippines will be given the chance and opportunity to send its overflowing number of nurses to the aging population of Japan, in condition, these nurses that will be send, should pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test – level 1 or 2 (mind you, even I who studied the language for the past four years struggled to pass the exam in my first try). Aside from the condition for qualifications of the Japanese government, they are also entitled to send their old rubbish to the country. (this is one of the explanations for the growing number of Japanese surplus shops in the country)- Benevolent Realist?? –  とても たいへん ですね!


Fifth, there are very cute toys and accessories from a cat with a very cute smile and face!  – Kitty chan!!! I can’t resist to look at it, smile, relieved my stress and voila! I am happy again!




Sixth, 日本人 の 恋人 が ほしい です!!Ehem! J I think this is a bonus? Of course, you can not dictate to whom your heat beats, but surely it will, and hoping it might be Japanese! J




Will I be able to end my relationship with Japanese culture? I guess I will have a hard time to do so, unless, they will close all shops that sells hello kitty, Sony, sharp, Panasonic and other Japanese brands. I will definitely let go of the rope, but as long as I can see those products, I think I will not let go of the rope yet. Mada. J


Another Country, Another Culture

Note: the article you are about to read was a project submitted in a class of Cross Cultural Communication, there were revisions made by the author, and such revisions entails the comments of the professor. This is a one sided approach like a first impression.

It all started with an almost failing grade. A journey of a young girl exploring the land of the rising sun – Japan. Among the students of Foreign Service, this young girl aimed at achieving a mertorous award. Like any other journey, she had to overcome challenges to get what she was hoping for. Luck or misfortune, ( it will depend on your interpretation of the story, and your perspective), came, she needed to take a foreign language course which would run for four semesters. It was another yet exciting and shaky ride. She had to memorize a lot of characters, words and practice writing these characters. At the end of the semester, in her final examination, she did her best to write things as far as her memory is concerned, but no matter how hard she tried her best (and her luck) it was a no match for people that got things in fast-paced means. It did not pay off. All the hardships, sleepless nights and exerting effort on the subject. The result was an almost failing grade.

The Journey began

There was this advertisement in the young girl’s hometown plaza, looking for Japanese students. The class would be offered for free. Having doubts in mind and due to curiosity if that was true, the young girl went to the school.

日本語 を べんきょうします。The Japanese class started, like in any other language class, students were asked to introduce themselves first in English then in Japanese. 私は ソフィア です。 どうぞ よろしく おがいします。

It was summer time when the little girl had her Japanese course outside the university. As it continued, she learned how to eat using a pair of はし(chopsticks)a typical Japanese way of eating. She learned how to pay respect for her 先生 and as a Japanese custom, she’d always remove her くつ upon entering her classroom on the school itself. Two months of Japanese immersion, two months of exploring Japanese language and its culture, and in that span of time, she had to say goodbye to Spanish (hasta luego!) and say hello (こんにちは) to Japanese language and its people.

Time to say goodbye to her先生, as part of a Filipino custom, she and her classmate treated their sensei in an eat all you can restaurant. The sensei enjoyed the “crispy – pata”, “kare-kare” and “sinigang na hipon”. A a token of appreciation, the teacher gave his students a letter, ( written in Japanese language) and a ningyomi doll. He did encourage his students to continue studyin the languag, as it may help them in the future and it is through the language one can see a country’s rich culture. Seems like looking in a window full of colors and shapes – a kalleidoscope!


The little girl took the advise of her teacher, she continued studying the language together with her academic subjects and the in-campus Japanese course;  she manage to take them all with an ease. Together with her classmate/friend/coffee buddy, the two learned a lot from their new Japanese teacher, they’ve learned about customs, etiquette and traditions.

In line with the Japanese religion, most if not all Japanese are involved in doll collection, which was used during festivities and events. One example is the Dharma doll or Daruma. It is a willow- wood doll with no limbs, no eyes (pupils) and no hair. It was believed that Dharma (Bodhi) seeks enlightenment. As time goes by, he did not move, not leave his place, so after while, his limbs, and feet hid. It has no eyes also because as Japanese buddhists believed, when dharma finally reached enlightenment, there was a strong light that made his eyes disappear. It is believed that during elections, politicians would buy a daruma doll and make an eye on one of the eyes of the doll, and if the politician win, he will make another eye and bring it to the temple to be burned by the monks. The doll is not only for politicians but even for students who want to pass their exams and even for those who want to achieve their goals in life.

Aside from the daruma doll, also a lucky charm, called omamori おまも, is use to attract good spirits in achieving one’s goal in life. It is like a small cloth ( ausual charm would look like) but it has a chinese character (kanji) with the person’s with or hope or goal in life. In most temples and shrines of Tokyo, a lot of Japanese students would buy one and use as a charm on their mobile phones to attract good spirits. Of course,  gem stones are still on the top, there are various lucky gem stones available or being sold all over Japan. Kyoto being their former capital has a lot to offer. The girl’s sensei gave her one, a white gem which means finding luck in love.

Japanese people does not really rely their lives on the charms, they work hard for their dreams and goals to be achieve. It maybe one of their means of having a tangible faith. Every month, in Japan, they showcases a variety of festivities. From Hokkaido down to Okinawa they have special festivitivals. One of which is the Tanabata festival (たなばた). It is a kind of festivity in which people will wear kimono or yukata around the streets and they will write in a piece of colored paper, their wish, or goals in life. Then it will be hang on a bamboo tree which the wind would blow for the Gods and good spirits to make their wish come true. It is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month.

Tanabata festival has the same counterpart in China. The story was about Orihime (織姫 Weaving Princess?), daughter of the Tentei (天帝 Sky King, or the universe itself?), wove beautiful clothes by the bank of the Amanogawa (天の川 Milky Way, lit. “heavenly river”?). Her father loved the cloth that she wove and so she worked very hard every day to weave it. However, Orihime was sad that because of her hard work she could never meet and fall in love with anyone. Concerned about his daughter, Tentei arranged for her to meet Hikoboshi (彦星 Cow Herder Star?) (also referred to as Kengyuu (牽牛?)) who lived and worked on the other side of the Amanogawa. When the two met, they fell instantly in love with each other and married shortly thereafter. However, once married, Orihime no longer would weave cloth for Tentei and Hikoboshi allowed his cows to stray all over Heaven. In anger, Tentei separated the two lovers across the Amanogawa and forbade them to meet. Orihime became despondent at the loss of her husband and asked her father to let them meet again. Tentei was moved by his daughter’s tears and allowed the two to meet on the 7th day of the 7th month if she worked hard and finished her weaving. The first time they tried to meet, however, they found that they could not cross the river because there was no bridge. Orihime cried so much that a flock of magpies came and promised to make a bridge with their wings so that she could cross the river. It is said that if it rains on Tanabata, the magpies cannot come and the two lovers must wait until another year to meet.>


It is not always a love story behind such festival. There was also, an event in which paper cranes are used to symbolize fast recovery, good hope and fortune, “a thousand cranes” exemplifies that. Most Japanese would make a thousand cranes to sympathize with a sick friend and hoping for a fast recovery. As we remember, when a tsunami hit the Miyagi prefecture, most of our Filipinos made a thousand cranes hoping for the Japanese people to recover from the disaster.



Moreover, Japanese learning will not be complete without the know-how of wearing kimono and yukata with geta. Kimono is a Japanese traditional dress with five or more layers to be wear by a person in festivities and events. The color of kimono varies as it compliments the event. Usually, if it is a festival, girls and boys will wear a pastel colored kimono from left to right, if the pattern is otherwise, it is for the dead. Usually and as a Japanese custom, married women should only wear a black kimono or yukata symbolizing that they are  married. As for the single ladies, it is expected, that they will wear pastel colors or colors relating to nature such as orange, red, sky blue and others; the same concept with yukata. However, yukata is one layer dress. During the ancient time or late Edo period, yukatas were used after going to the onzen or public hot bath, with regards to the color, the same rule is applied. Geta on the other hand is the traditional footwear of Japanese. In Philippines we call it “bakya”, it will complete the traditional dress of a typical Japanese in a festival. It is made of wood and looks like a slipper but with heels on the middle; there are two blocks underneath, making it balance.


In terms of foods, one popular food aside from California – maki, sushi and tempura is okonomiyaki. It is the Japanese version of pancake/pizza, (without catsup), it is consists of veggies (usually cabbage), squid, pan (bread like in a cooked pancake) shrimp and others. The kotatsu table is one of a typical Japanese table which has a hole under it, which is usually use during winter season in Japan.


Japanese course will not be complete without its language. Japanese language is consists of romaji (Romanized), hiragana, katakana and Kanji (Chinese characters). The hiragana, katakana and kanji are written in a balanced and relaxed way, especially in writing kanji. One way to practice it is through shodou writing. It is similar to the Chinese way of calligraphy.


The journey of the little girl did not stop at knowing these things. Last 2011, she did gave it a try to take the Japanese Language Proficiency test; and hoped to wing it (but the result came in negative – better luck next time). The little girl aimed/dream to go to Japan. わたしは 日本 へ いきたい!。But it seems that destiny does not permit her to go to Japan this time. Perhaps there is something better waiting for her in the future when the right time comes for her to go to the land of the rising sun.


One of her professors asked her why Japan? Why pursue a career in International Relations if you can just apply to Japan Airlines? Why waste money, time and effort in discussing geopolitics, international economics, and comparative politics if you can land a job in an airline industry? Why? The little girl replied immediately, she said that, Japan is the country of discipline and balance. It has a rich and unique culture which a lot of people would want to experience. Working as an FSE or Officer is one way to set the bottom line in her mind to set goals (personal) and helping her fellowmen in that country. There is much more to learn, more to read, and the journey has been started, it is not the end of the little girl’s journey.


                Final comments, the Japanese culture is so intricate and unique even other Japanese, would ask why they have such attitudes and traits. There are things needed to learn, explore and be loved. I would admit that I love Japan as much as I love my own country (especially in Comparative Politics – both countries has similarities and differences). It makes me excited whenever I am thinking of Japan. I learned, meaning, I was able to love the country because I learn and am still learning to love the country. It would be a rewarding opportunity for me to go there and represent my country there. But like what my sensei told me, “if you want to become an Ambassador, Foreign Minister, Career Minister, you need to study hard, it is not suffice to study a lot but you must STUDY HARD”, allow me to add on what he said, it is not all about study hard, but STUDY SMART. ^_^.

Shared Sympathies – a Pattern of Courtship

I knew it! I am an introvert person, with a weird personality. I am a person who would prefer to follow rather than taking the lead. I would prefer to be on the backstage rather than filling in the spotlight. I would prefer to be the support instead of making the move. I do not care what other people may say, nor other people will act towards me, instead, they say (my classmates do) that I am a good receiver, because I do not oppose directly nor agree on all stuff, instead I will listen, think for a while give my insights but I never let my decision rule over your rationale. It is the otherwise that is happening to me. I might tell you a lot of spontaneous stories in my mind, and somehow you give me your insights surely, I will take your advice as religiously as possible. I may have the not so good looks, and others may perceive me as trying hard in my studies, well, this is me, this is my comfort zone.

Tonight, a classmate of mine who use to be my partner in crime since both of us stays in the library for hours after our class and spend a few hours searching and hitting books. Surprisingly, he is not my close buddy in our class before, he is the happy go lucky guy who underwent metamorphosis and became a butterfly (this upon realization that life is too short, spending hours in the club hitting drinks won’t make a better future). We got to know each other a year before due to the fact that I am a good girl who will follow orders whatever it takes. He was right! I am a person who will follow what was being told. He admit to me (tonight) that before, he thought that I am a kind of person who really tries hard to pass my academic requirements, that I am weird, I am not sociable individual and other stuffs. Well in contrast he is the Mr. cool and easy going guy. I don’t like him before (well I am in doubt at present) why does he act like this and like that to me these days?

Moving on…..

Personally I hate those people who are too materialistic. Those people who would make fun of other people because they have -money. I am Marxist , and I value post materialism (at some point); but the fact that I am pressured to fit in for other people to accept me is a big no no thing. I go out with few (literally) friends, and spend time, sharing stories, insights and even secrets. Mr. Cool guy as he said underwent metamorphosis does not want to spend his money on luxurious even on rubbish things, instead, he will put his money on books, he either buy one or have a copy of it. We shared some thoughts, opinions and anything under the sun except -sex. We do not usually talk about that; we revised our university’s curricula (through his efforts) and caught my attention afterwards. We shared the same professor for quite a while, under the supervision of the philosopher king of our college. We shared the same sympathy to those students who do not hit on their books, and pay a respectful visit to the library. We share the same thoughts of having third way of government in the country. Though we share a few things on each other, I find it odd to consider him as a friend. Really, when he asked me if I consider him as a friend, I told him the negative. He asked me if I love him I said the negative. (Well friendship and relationship sometimes intertwined but not in our case). He told me that he love me (then immediately adding the phrase – as a friend); he did the same pattern as what he told my other classmate before who even call him every night to talk to him and as usual to share sympathies with him.

Tonight, he invited me for a snack, which we usually do after paying our respect to our aged-old library and hitting few books. We walked through the walled city (you might think that it is as romantic as a Spanish film but it was not). Cross the bridge and voila! We found ourselves at one of the food stalls along the park. We ordered burgers (buy one take one) and shared a big bottle of soda. While eating, I asked him, “Do you think I am apathetic?” frowning his eyebrows, he answered “yes! You have that kind of attitude for quite sometime”. I told him that I am not that apathetic; it is just that I don’t feel to intervene with other people’s business. I told him that I may give my opinion but I am not the right person to decide on certain matters. I told him that I do not want to be in the spotlight, I can run my errands while at the back; I can be a better person even without the spotlight hitting me, also, I told him that somehow, there will be a proper time for me to be in the spotlight, it just takes time. It is not now, but sooner or later after I reconfigure my perspectives, I can tolerate the light coming from the spotlight.

The pattern

I think in one way or another, men would get into woman’s heart by sharing their stories, experiences and such. Men would dare to risk the time to be with the woman they like even if it would mean that they need to cut off their vices. They would prefer to listen to a woman who is emotionally distracted if it would mean that he will have the opportunity to be with the lady. Men would choose to lose some money if in exchange he will have the chance to get to know more about the lady and later on get her trust. It may be odd, but men have their own pattern on how to get close to a woman. They might be using the same pattern of courting woman, and if it did not work, he will use it to other woman. I think he is using the same pattern that he used before to my friend. First, he will try to get my trust then, he will make friends with me, then he would say that he love me, and so and so forth.

It is not now, but sooner or later after I reconfigure my perspectives, I can tolerate the light coming from the spotlight. The pattern I think in one way or another, men would get into woman’s heart by sharing their stories, experiences and such. Men would dare to risk the time to be with the woman they like even if it would mean that they need to cut off their vices. They would prefer to listen to a woman who is emotionally distracted if it would mean that he will have the opportunity to be with the lady. Men would choose to lose some money if in exchange he will have the chance to get to know more about the lady and later on get her trust. It may be odd, but men have their own pattern on how to get close to a woman. They might be using the same pattern of courting woman, and if it did not work, he will use it to other woman. I think he is using the same pattern that he used before to my friend. First, he will try to get my trust then, he will make friends with me, then he would say that he love me, and so and so forth.

A Realization

Making friends with the opposite sex is one of the most exciting things in life. Things could be explained by other party and find an answer towards one another’s dilemmas. The fact that both of you enjoy each others company make your heart fond of him. falling for the person eventually will make you feel at unease; because you might tell yourself you shouldn’t fall for him, otherwise, you might end up sobbing in your room. A Realization Making friends with the opposite sex is one of the most exciting things in life. Things could be explained by other party and find an answer towards one another’s dilemmas. The fact that both of you enjoy each others company make your heart fond of him. falling for the person eventually will make you feel at unease; because you might tell yourself you shouldn’t fall for him, otherwise, you might end up sobbing in your room.

Good start for a 20 year old

Today is my special day, today I supposedly celebrating my special day with my family and some close friends. Though I want to be this day as special as it can be I can’t. I need to head off my class and my family needs to run their errands.

Twenty years has passed, it was a truly nice try to create a blog like this. I had several accounts before but I failed to maintain it. I started to make this blog right at this moment, to remind me that this day, my 20th day of existence should be meaningful as it can be, not only today but in the days ahead.

Let us make some review of what I have done for the past few years.

1. I can speak a basic foreign language – basic Japanese.

2. I was able to pass two subjects under the stressful professor in my college.

3. I was able to enter college – definitely I thank my family (parents) for allowing me to enter college.

4. I can cook – mostly vegetables and sea foods (I don’t usually eat meat).

5. I get in touch with the library (where most of the time I stayed).

6. I attended seminars about personal finance and financial markets – ( before I hate numbers, but thanks to a classmate, I was enlightened that numbers can actually make you rich!).

7. I make bookmarks (well, as a hobby I do this and give it to my friends as a token of appreciation in the future blogs I will post one).

8. I travel far from my comfort zone – I traveled for some provinces in the country together with my parent, or sometimes by myself.

9. I was able to try an airplane ride – I always dream of this, before I thought if I will be able to ride an airplane I am one of the elites! kidding aside, I think riding an airplane is one of the dreams of a young child.

10. I was able to visit a museum –  I love museums it is as if I am traveling back through time, before I opt to take a course in anthropology but suddenly, I’d change my mind, but it doesn’t change the way I love to see on museums.

11. I have good and not so good friends – this is a typical life isn’t? We encounter people who may act good or the otherwise to us, anyway I have another blog about it. 🙂

12. I get loss – always – This is a typical scenario for me if I will go to a place that is beyond my daily route. Sometimes, I was ahead of the place sometimes, I need to walk to the place – ‘dora” style.

13.I fall for someone but then it did not work – we decided (or I) that we should wait for the proper time.

14. I realized that my family and I is bunch of idealistic persons settled in one abode.

15. I was able to reconcile my tantrums with my eldest brother though he is working away from us.

It may a good start, but I should keep going, I remember, every year that I celebrate my birthday, we usually have a buffet at home, with gifts and of course with my friends and other relatives who want to celebrate this special day with me, and most often the not, I always have a flooded messages in my cellphone, tons of greetings for me. Now, the tide has change, I received two messages greeting me on this day, my father greeted me as if today is a no thrift day. I am not materialistic, I may be an emotional one, but is this a part of the growing process? You tend to think that material things are non essential in return you have a stable life. Does a happy life lies on the person or his environment? What are the grounds for happiness? Can we buy it? I may not have an extravagant day today, but I realized that to celebrate your day is not simply on the food that they bring at home, the gifts, the money that they give,but it is about how do you see life even if there is a clout of doubt in it.

I am more blessed than any other individual who may celebrating their special day as well. I think it is more special if we think of this day as challenging ourselves how to become a better person, a better individual in the society and how we confront our personal problems with an ease. I think that is a good start, like a ground zero.