Quarter Life Crisis- Oh No!

I’m on a quarter life crisis

Right after graduation from university, drafted and finalized all the documents and credentials that I have before leaving the comforts of my Alma matter, I did my best. I tried to winged all the subjects right back in university, cross cultural communications, International Relations, Economic and Political Geography- name it!

I scourged all the high-end companies in the metropolis aiming for the “ideal” job that I want. – Reality speaks for itself- you can’t have it all.

Fast track, here I am, while stereo on in my humble abode, reading the daily newspaper (which I’ve been longing to do) over a cup of coffee and an article caught my attention – entitled – Young and Bored.

I am young, enthusiastic, inquisitive and vibrant 20-something and not so fresh graduate. Worked with various companies, with not so high salary and beyond from what I have been dreaming of when I left the university.

I am working on my nth company, where it demands both of my creative and mental skills to produce something. I wear several hats- from policy drafting, review, communications, and even secretariat. I am challenge to do my job well- aiming for perfection like having a perfect blend of your cocktail while sitting relaxed on a hammock while reading your favorite novel on a perfect beach coast.

There’s really no “PERFECT or IDEAL”, it is always about:

  • Finding Balance- set and unmet expectations from the real world will tell you that you have to work on the tides not against it.
  • Levering the playing field- no matter what you do, people just can’t help themselves to give in their precious comments and judgments (weather it is positive or negative) “just don’t care” (like what John Legend song says).
  • No to perfect job – yes to lovin’ the present- I don’t understand why school teaches us the ideal yet it is like 360 degrees different from the reality? Why not teach expectation setting rather than “aiming to be perfect”? Is it because students are too good and easily to be trained to have the ideas in their mind and will tell the world- I’ll change the status quo?
  • I haven’t learn this when I was in school- reality will give you hard core and down till dawn life- lessons which has more retention than finishing a minimum 200 pages of your textbook. Savor it, nothing will be a waste if you will see each failures, rejections and No’s as part of honing you as a better person.
  • I’ll stick to the status quo- I highly encourage people to go out of their own box. Even, personally, I have my own issues on keeping myself out of the box. Seek more adventures, not because you have something to post on your IG nor fb, but for the sake of overcoming your inferiorities and fears. Challenge yourself to change the way you think. Read. Even your eyes are too tired to finish a chapter and listen to those who want to speak (listening is a good skill by the way). J

Perhaps, it will always be a learning journey (who says it is not about learning anyway?). Working is not solely because of money, but because of learning. You want to learn.