Don’t Wanna Die Young

Stumbled in the middle of the road waiting for the traffic to ease its hard core mode while listening to my obsolete play list, body aches, and head turning events made me wanted to stay at home and hit my pillow.

From my escape to urbanity event last weekend, I just hit the usual road with my trainers on earphones on the go water bottle on one hand and off to go. The last time that I went for a “proper” run was right after my travel buddy and I went for a splurging weekend. I set a time of 10 mins. from 10, I made it to 5 from 5 down to 3 mins. – am I crazy, in vain or wanting to be on the hype? All I can say is, I want to be fit, not for the sake of being “sexy” as it always associate with being “fit”.

I don’t want to die young so I run

Whenever I go for a run, I would always think of living being “fit” and healthy, regardless if I own vast amount of money in neither my bank account nor staying in a house of gold. It was an alarming thing not only for me but for the rest of the family that ”lifestyle” illness just come and go in our house like a train ride from one station to another. Even if I’m really drained and exhausted from my work, the fast-paced environment, the expectations, personal issues and goals that needs to be aligned.

I just knew that, even if I was at the bridge of saying no and wanted to quit, my goal for the day to hit the 4 min. of run made me think that: if I could finish one 4 minutes of run I could also aced the challenges that my work enthralled me. The personal issues, insecurities and a lot more that made me worried for the past few days could be solved in a snap of a finger. I think, determination and will to move on will make you a better person. Sometimes, it is not all about “banging on” but sometimes, it is also about clearing your head and determined to make it a reality.

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