Year Ender

Couple of hours to go and we will finally bid our さようなら(goodbye)to 2014 and say 今日は (konnichiwa /hello) to 2015.

This is a bit tedious and I will appeal for your patience: (wink). This year has been good to me, I’ve learned a lot, by all means about life, career, realities, being open minded and etc so let’s start the countdown!

  • Not meant to be a Lawyer- the realities of being a lawyer made me think- I love the profession, yet I think I am not that prepared to become one. I could still remember why I wanted to be a part of a firm – I want to become a full-pledge Lawyer and help migrants around the world (too idealistic isn’t?), but lessons about the legal profession were endless, they taught me a lot about the realities, the trips, the value of hard work, and professionalism.
  • Mountain Climbing is always a test of character- Before, I thought my health status would restrict me for doing things that is beyond the usual- but I was wrong. Together with a very outgoing university friend, we just did what we wanted- climb mountains and it did really test our character, we were tired of the routine – hike a mountain, stressed out, go backpacking!
team arayat

Last Mountain to Conquer for 2014-Mt. Arayat

  • I Volunteered!- it was not a fancy thing for the fam and the rest of the people around me, but I just wanted to search for myself, no expectations, come what may and I’ll gonna bang it on, rather than having thoughts of what if’s and regrets. I had to bargain on some issues before I finally got their “yes”!
  • Development world is not all about money- I thought once you explore the other side of the globe (I mean career in dev. World) it will be about grants, donations and community works. I could say that yes, there are loads of community works, grants and donations but it is the effort of one that makes a difference. I am not a good conversationalist, a skilled, a technical expert in DRRM, but what I have done together with other volunteers made an impact(N.B: not yet done with the translation though 🙂 ), it is once in a lifetime experience to see things in different perspective.
  • Failure is Essential- like anything in this world, no one wants to fail, but being afraid of failing makes an individual more vulnerable (think so J ). No one will judge you for failing and committing mistakes, it is you who will judge yourself (so don’t be too hard to yourself). J
  • Don’t use your head too much- it gives you pain all the time! Sometimes, learn to decide based on what you feel (don’t over rationalize things), and it will make you feel more free and positive!
  • Seek Answers- I just read some chapters of “Sophie’s World” by Gaardner, and it made me realize that “all I know is, I know nothing”. Let us admit, even we had nth number of degrees from respective universities around the globe, we can’t learn all the lessons in one degree, it takes a reality shot.
  • be Adventurous (A.K.A : Out-of the- Box)- this is what I loved most! Grab your backpack and hit the road to nowhere and face that unusual feeling that you have! 🙂
  • 1800327_10200525449897242_1248386687_n 10403276_10201333480697507_742695517602301683_n
  • Never stop to share stories- I also love this one, never get tired of talking to random people about random things in life.
  • Culture is very dynamic- yes I realized that there are people who are really unconventional and conventional, and I respect them for being who they are.
  • Make a BUCKET LIST- it fascinates me when I opened my planner and saw that almost 80% of what I’ve written on my “bucket list” came into reality. It can be a small thing don’t make it as complicated as explaining how insects multiply, just as simple as hike a mountain, or go to someplace alone for the first time, trust me, it’ll be unforgettable facing your “first time” jitters.. 🙂
  • Never burn bridges, highways or even a staircase- this is really true, you’ll never know who will to call in the middle of the night when you are starving, badly ill, or even need a shoulder to cry on. 1555468_10200525452897317_952020067_n
  • vso-vi179

This is quite a tedious list (I know), and there’s more to add to this list yet, I reckon and stop here, as if I am waiting for the next bus trip. 🙂

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