Counting, Planning, Staring at the Ceiling

Down to 5 weeks, and I am not sure how are we going to end this.

My HHC and I decided that we will go for hikes for the rest of the remaining weeks we have before we go back to the lives we had before the program.

4 hours of non-stop talking about random things, literally anything under the sun. But hey, there’s more! I thought out-of-the-box things is about “doing something” but it is not, it is also about having strange emotion/feeling yet, you face it, you choose to bang it on rather than stay still and stare at the ceiling.

A lot of questions popping in my mind, random things to talked with, but my HHC and I managed to deal with each other’s talkativeness. We are working on the same page- we love to talk, walk, think of random ideas, asks a lot of unquestioned questions and try to act like a child for quite sometimes.

Pack now, Fly Later

We were exchanging views/ideas/perceptions about the world in random. How do we do this? Simple! Just mention something and someone will give an insight!(fill in the blanks 🙂 ) Since we pretty much enjoy the fact of travelling the world, we talked about:

1. Seeing the Angkor Wat (Cambodia)- this majestic temple(I’m not sure if it is really a temple), with gold on top will make you feel loved.

2. Taj Mahal (India)- personally this is a must for me, my HHC’s parents have been there, she even shared how majestic it is without even ‘showing off’ to me. A plain and simple explanation of the features!

3. The Machu Picchu (not sure of the spelling! 🙂 ) (Peru)- again, another must go before I die! 🙂 !

I want to see how the Incas/Aztec civilization disappeared, what an Aztec looked like, how do they make a living, how do they teach their daughter/s or son/s? What is the medium of communication? How do they write? Do they have ceremonies? How do they conduct such? 🙂

4.Russia- always fascinated with Vladimir Putin, but I’ll go to Russia to buy Matryoshka doll (I love dolls but when I was a child, my big bro cut all of my barbies’ hair and right then and there I don’t play barbie dolls anymore, I’m fascinated to collect traditional dolls 🙂 ).

5.Czech Republic- disney like castles and cool breeze that struck your face will make you feel in love for the rest of the trip!

6. Japan- of course this is a must for me! I really love Japanese Culture no matter what! Watashiwa nihon ni ikitai! :), regardless if I speak Japanese Language or not, I’ll find a way to be in the land of the rising sun, wear my yukata, kyoto no machi ni arukimasu! Kitty chan no mono wa kaimasu! (sorry for using Japanese language, spare me one for this 🙂 ).

7. Egypt/Greece- We love history! What else could you ask for more but to see for yourself how the Egyptians built the pyramid of Giza and to think that it is thousand of years existing!(HHC has been in Egypt before together with her grandpa for a holiday). How about the Greek philosophy and Mediterranean cuisine? Sounds fun?? Sounds awesome! 🙂

7. Thai’s red district- my uni friends and I has this plan of going to Thailand and see for ourselves what it looks like. No worries just havin fun!

Both of us want to see the dynamism of each country’s cultural heritage blend with the modern, fast paced environment. The list might get longer, complicated and tedious, but I think that is the most exciting part- to see how far you go, how flexible your plan is, how will you make the list a reality to savor, to enjoy. 😀

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