Let’s Meet Halfway

The reality of volunteerism does not end when the placement ends.

We hit the 6th week of the programme. We are half-way done to this thrilling and challenging volunteer experience.

Realities sets in..

HHC and I had this talk (21st of October) last night, we acknowledged the fact that we are already half-way done. No one thought that someone will be working, even living with a foreigner 24/7 for 12 weeks. No one thought also, that they gonna share room, mattresses and such. But the catch? Sharing room with someone you really don’t know can be a start of beyond the surface relationship (friends). Working with foreign counterparts has been a not-so-easy thing for the rest of the 12 weeks. Mixed emotions, tantrums, mood swings and a lot more. But what made you stay? It is the experience, no matter how gloomy, sunny, cloudy or rainy your day is, it is still an experience to capture, to savor, to learn. No one will tell you to scrap the feeling, because it is part of growing up, of moving forward.

Reality Check

Seeing the sunrise again, made me think for a sec (I think it is no longer sec but for a couple of minutes 🙂 ) :

a. I’ll surely gonna miss seeing the sunrise in the morning(in my hometown, it is surrounded by series of houses, might go for a hike to see the sunrise),

b. I’ll miss my counterpart, seeing how we progressed in the half-way of the programme made me think, it is about conquering fears and doing out-of-the-box, seeing things in positive way rather than on the other side of the coin, found a sister living in the other side of the globe;

c. Active lifestyle-surely, this thing will definitely be a part of my routine once I go back home, whenever I’ll go for a walk, I’ll always remember my counterpart, walked for straight 2 hours,approx. 15kms? Record breaking isn’t? Can’t hike Mt. Arayat, so better go for a long straight hike (walk);

d. The MeALS!- I’ll gonna miss the prawns, the fish(catfish) in particular, my HHC taught me how to eat one, and whenever I prawns? It’ll remind me that I have no allergies to prawns, it is just about having hypochondriac syndrome 🙂 ,

e. The girls- they may naive for a number of reasons, but they our de-stress ball; whenever we want to play with them, talk or even just a simple joke, they are always on the go.

f. Our lola Emma- who really loves us, prepare our meals (take note of the fish, veggies and prawns), asks questions like: do you have a boyfriend back home? Don’t you miss home? After the programme, what’s next?

g. The pets- I’m not really fond of having puppy, cat or chicken within 50 meters from me. Having them around made me feel uncomfortable, yet, I realized that I really don’t have allergies with their fur, it is another hypochondriac syndrome.

Image1261 Image1291

h. Our host home dad- even though we don’t really talk/have proper conversation with him, I find him like my real dad; he even told me once that we are now family here, so if we need anything just tell it to him, he even gave us a shirt as well, I am not sure if it is being mushy of him but we appreciate it.

i. Our counterparts(Filipino and UKV’s)- I don’t know how are we going to bid our goodbye to each other when the time has come to say goodbye. I am not sure if I can manage the fact that I will not see them again, interact with them, crack jokes with them nor share endless stories with them makes me in teary eyed.

British and Filipino Volunteers after the matching game revealed (for host homes and work counterparts)

British and Filipino Volunteers after the matching game revealed (for host homes and work counterparts)

This entry might be a bit mushy and a bit emotional coz I cried before I finished this. I hate saying goodbyes and farewells, because I don’t want to be left behind, and staring at the ceiling again. But I think, this is what growing up and learning starts to enter the picture, when you realize to let things go but at the same time moving forward.

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