Community Work

Personal Development starts when you do things out of the box.

Doing things which is out of the box-again (let me emphasize the phrase out-of-the-box, it is not to say that I am bragging about my experience in the programme but it is really what I am doing-so far and so good!)

It is a series of ups and downs and even extreme emotions which made me think-everyday is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never now what you gonna get-forest gump.

Yesterday, when we had our survey in the first 2 brgys, we felt losers in the game, we can’t even smile anymore from the exhaustion and all of us in the group were drained, extreme heat+challenging brgy.+walk around or say goodbye to your allowance stuff.

We redeemed our spirits when we finished our survey with flying colors (we exceed the target of 100)!!! In a particular barangay. We even had this opportunity to roam around the barangay and even had a small talk with the people. I felt fulfilled that I was able to talk with them and even extract information from them.

Community Work Community Work1

Tips and must haves when you conduct your baseline survey:

(disclaimer:this purely based from experience);

1.cap/umbrella/sunglasses/sunscreen – this is to protect your precious skin from the tormenting heat of the sun.

  1. A gallon of water-you will never know when thirst and dehydration strikes, be sure to have a tumbler of liquid if not a gallon of water with you.
  1. Mint candies/any sweet-to freshen up if not alleviate your tiredness-sugar intake will give you an energy. šŸ™‚
  1. always wear your precious SMILE – people from all walks of life will know if you are genuine with what you are doing, if you smile as genuine as you are they can feel it, and if it is just a poker face, I’ll assure you, they can also feel it. Always smile and greet them, you’ll never know,that particular person can help you in your future activities.
  1. Do some chat-if you will conduct a survey, always ask questions like:what is your name? How do you want to be called? What is their age? In my case, I always asks these questions and do more follow-ups for them to gain their “trust”; it is important to establish some rapport with the locals if you want them to be involved in any activities that you will conduct.
  1. Speak the language/if not familiar with words ‘ask’- there is no harm in asking questions, and I assure you, the people are more than willing to extend their help as far as thousand miles just to make your work convenient and comfortable.
  1. Ask probing questions/cite examples-you should gauge your respondents if they can answer your survey without probing questions or needs to have the former, just gauge, you can feel it as well. šŸ™‚
  1. Be more personal- I know this is a bit out-of-the-box as well, but try to involve yourself in the community, remember, the more personal you are the more impact you will get-this thing is definitely my opinion no one is forced to follow it though. šŸ™‚

The list is a bit personal, as what I have always mentioned in my previous blog entries, it is a fulfilling experience to have a chat and gained the people’s trust rather than doing things because it is being told you to do- sort of for compliance purposes. – šŸ˜›

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