Working in Random

Working while having fun is like enjoying your hot coffee under the heat of the sun.

Working and having fun are two entities which are at the opposite side of the world(if you are part of a linear/straightforward organization). Working and having fun are yep! Two entities from different side of the globe yet, you may do things simultaneously(trust me! You can, just tell yourself)!

While everyone is cramming about our activities, my work counterpart and I were just chillin and having a nice chat, with background music, even snack/s with us, just to be casual and informal does not make you lame/lazy, but a sign that you are an unconventional one.

It is hard not to compare

Flashing, dashing, beaming and striking lights will hit your eyes when you go out of your house to work; you will hear a lot of buzzing horns, noise coming to and from the hierarchy of cars upto the rushing workers who are late for their work. – that is a typical life in the metro where the biggest companies and branded goods were sold.

On the other side, you will hear  a ‘cry of chicken'(tilaok in Filipino), feel the cool morning breeze that will pass through the window, the chirping of the birds, smell the dish being prepared for your breakfast and packed lunch. – that is what me and my hhc (most if not all the time experienced), oh! Before I forgot! We also have the leisure of time to walk to our workplace (which is the Municipal Hall) and have the luxury to grab  a cup of coffee in our favorite coffee shop (note: it is not as fancy as Starbucks, nor as cozy as Coffee Bean) but, the lady is sooo kind and we even had the opportunity to have a nice chat with her during our ‘coffee break’. They even know our favorite spot, the time we mostly have our coffee and even the routine (I’ll gonna ask for some coffee for me and a hot water for my hhc 🙂 ).

What am I really doing here?

Well, to be fair, I want to disclose the information that I am working as a volunteer in the Municipality of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. I am working with other 19 volunteers (9 Filipino and 11 British)  with the community in making a 5-year Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan (DRRM-Plan) for the whole municipality.

Sounds good?

Pretty much, I would say that I am fortunate yet pressured to work on the plan. We were given a ton of appreciation, a lot of fun and relaxation time and of course the challenge to go out of your own box.

I just never thought that, in such Saturday (which was my A-day), would be the start of my ‘out-of-the-box’ experience. It was really an out of the box experience, I did not even told my mom about the A-day (I did not told her about my whereabouts which is unusual) and asked her what if I will go to a place in the country to do volunteer works?

Questions Overheard:

1.  The funding-where will I get my support for my daily expenses?

  1. The fragile health status- my parents in particular are really health conscious, they keep on telling me that ‘health is wealth’, they even worry about my allergies but rest assured that I am not having it (hypocondriac syndrome?)
  1. After the programme where will you go?- this question was raised by my big bro. I’ve been working in the corporate world, been in rushing things and I thought it is about career mobility and security (stepping up the corporate ladder) which made me believe that will give me happiness (but it is really the simple things).
  1. What will happen next?- this question was raised by my father before getting his approval for me to join the program. Basically, it is a normal parental instincts which made him a bit anxious of letting me do my own thing. But, I think, he is now a proud father for having me stepping out of my zone and explore more about myself.

This is just a cumulative list of what my family perceive what I am doing, no one is being hurt(hopefully my fam won’t). 🙂

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