In-Community Orientation

The Real Thing

It was almost a week since we land our feet in Cabiao. The past few days has been too accommodating and too friendly for all volunteers like we feel we were in a holiday.

Our supervisors break the leg in bringing us back into reality- the DRRM plan.

We had our Disaster Preparedness workshop wherein most if not all of us were mentally drained. For the next couple of days, or even weeks, we will conduct our baseline survey on how prepared the people are when a disaster hit their community. Next, we were introduced to various matrixes/tools that we should extract from each barangay (e.g. Social venn diagram, disaster timeline and etc.). In such span of more or less 9 hours of mental gruelling, most of us felt drained, want to hit our pillows and even ask for meds. By the way, we were also grouped into various clusters wherein steve and I will be working with pauline and ollie in clutser 4.

The stressful-yet-not so stressful counterparts

I was paired with Steve as my work counterpart. Steve is veerrrryyyy nice that he considers my opinion and we actually did our CRA program, right just on time before we had our precious break. The thing in cross-cultural teams is that, there will be lots of translation as if you are there (in my case in Cabiao) to be some sort of translator for the UK volunteers. This is not to offend anyone of anything, but this is my opinion though…

Good thing my work counterpart and my home counterpart are different people. On our way home, my hhc, ask me if I am okay; since I did not have much for lunch due to acidic reflux, a pile of nonsense stressors (e.g. Being stressed if I am a vital part in the group, stressing/thinking too much if I should stay or should I go)- very childish isn’t?

My hhc and I hit the public market to buy some shorts. When it is time to pay, I was surprised that my hhc is verrrryyy good at doing barter! She is! I never thought that she does that, and I even consider myself as poor at her standards :P.

Ladies and Gents, lend me your ears.

Tomorrow, we will be conducting some sort of symposium at Cabiao National High School in partnership with Engr. Hidalgo, and a representative from Department of Agriculture of the Municipality of Cabiao; wherein they will have a talk about climatye change and we’ll followed it up with a workshop.

The A-Day!

The time has come to an end that we need to face our fears. Well, almost, if not all volunteers are anxious if they’re performance will be good enough for the rest of the students of Cabiao National High School. Even my hhc, memorized and practoced her line to be perfect when she’ll deliver it to the students. To be honest (since this is my blog entry) this was the first time that I got an extraordinary attention from a school administration. We were even seated in a presidential table and had a chat with the principal and the rest of the science teachers.

Rude culture

My hhc and the rest of the UK volunteers find it rude that when the speaker did the talk or even the principal is talking the students are also busy with each and other businesses; for the UKV’s It is very rude not to listen to someone is talking as if you really donLt care on what the other person is saying or talking about.

I felt guilty as well when I heard that it was rude (for UKV’s) that we use our phones or even have some small chats while they are talking; it is soooo strange as well and I find it odd reminicing my uni years having a chat with my seatmate while my protocol professor gives us a lecture. Perhaps, one of the reasons why the country is not that well off yet, is because we lack DISCIPLINE in almost a lot of aspects of our society. Yes, we respect one another, but we pretty much enjoy if not abuse the liberty that is being laid out to us.

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