Cross cultural communication -The Health Buff

I felt quite challenged and at the same time inspired by my host-home counter part-katie, to at least update and organize my blog. She has been updating her blog about her volunteer experience in the country.This is I think the 2nd week that I am with the team, and as part of being cross-culturally linked, we shared lots of informations and perceptions about a lot of stuff.

Going back and challenge the old lifestyle…

I am not really a health buff, because I find not ‘cool’ to become one but a neccessity though to be one; my host-home counterpart (hhc), is much more into doing an exercise every morning and she’d been into participating in a marathon (in UK). I find it strange as well, that I run walk and run, but she does all the running, and I felt I am not fit, or I am weak beacuse I can’t even at par with her. After the jogging/running, I find strange as well to pay a visit to the gym, (I thought if you ran already that is enough, but I was wrong, I even don’t know how to use the gym equipments that they have, and much more acquainted with muay thai than weight lifting). It was fun yet exhausting, Bev(another volunteer) and I were doing some stretches, I had enough, like, I’m not really used to that kind of excercise to be fit, but for them, it is the usual thing.

The not so healthy advise

My hhc, has been anxious if she’s been being rude with our Host Homes, since she got the spotlight (well, Filipino culture will tell 🙂 ), and even skeptical about having rice in every meal. She has a lot of the dishes but not of the rice. She even disclosed the information that in England, she only have rice once a week, which in contrast in the counrty we favor rice in each and every meal.

It may sound strange that I even suggested that she takes all the dishes(ulam) first, and have the rice the last thing to be put in the plate; but here I am, in every meal loves to have rice and I think a cup and a quarter of it.

In most tropical countries like the Philippines, you can see a lot of coconut trees (buko), which has lots if not tons of nutrition and or vitamins in it. Last saturday (20 Sept.), we went to the poblacion/bayan to do some community mapping, we went to other volunteers’ HH, and we had lots of food (if I can say a food overload? 🙂 );our group saw a buko stand and the UK volunteers tried to have some coconut juice. Unfortunately, the buko juice that they bought was not the fresh one, it has sugar in it and not the lil’ bit sour in taste of fresh buko.

Last 22nd day of September, my hhc and I had our first fresh buko experience after we sent some package/ did the postal thing at the post office near our house. It was fun yet another out of the box thing for the both of us having it tried for the first time(for her) and doing it like a local. We felt full already and want to skip our dinner but we don’t want to offend anyone in the house so, we still had a sumptuous dinner. 😀


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