Saying hello and goodbye..

Last week, I just tendered my resignation; a sign of goodbye to my colleagues in the firm, and saying hello to my new apple of the eye. 

It was a tough decision to tender your resignation. It took me a lot of courage to tell to the person who referred me to the firm that I resign.

Response, reactions anything under the sun

The initial reaction was- really?  What are your next plans? Do you have new work? New environment?  Don’t be a hypocrite tell the mob!

I was fixed in awe, and I really don’t  know, why do I keep on entertaining their questions, can’t they understand that I want to breathe, I want to see the world in different perspective? See things in a brighter and lighter note?

Though they were happy for me, I know that it is a two-sided affair. Yes you’re right! Like a sword, what you say may use against you so beware. ! 🙂

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