Nihongo no Benkyou

For the past (5) five years and counting, I am fond of Japanese Language and culture; I even have a separate entry in this blog about my Japanese affair.

This entry is about the upcoming Japanese Language Proficiency Test which will commence on (7th) day of December. This year will be the most challenging year for me since last year, I took Level 3 and wasn’t able to wing it. I’ll take Level 4 and hoping to pass even I will study while on field work.

Yep! you read it right! I’ll be off to work in the next three (3) months. It will commence on 12th day of September until 5th day of December which gives me only the 6th day to wrap up the lessons that I have in mind (if I can still remember).

To give you an idea what JLPT is, below is the summary of competencies for every level of the JLPT.

Why take the JLPT, IELTS, TOEIC and other foreign language tests?

1. Well, we are living in an interrelated, connected world, taking advantage to communicate in a language that is beyond your mother tongue gives you an idea that we are not constrained with English, Spanish and even French. Though I admit, Japanese gives me both a heart and headache, learning the language makes me comfortable. I can talk to a Japanese fellow, and introduce myself, though, due to cross cultural communications(mis) there are some restrictions and prohibitions.

2. According to Technical Skills and Development Authority (, the next hot job will be those in multilingual environment.

3. Learning and be able to adapt to new culture and environment.

Whatever the reason you love to learn foreign language, be sure you really love it and have the interest to finish it, use it as if it is your second tongue, unless you want to start over again.


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