Nihongo no Benkyou

For the past (5) five years and counting, I am fond of Japanese Language and culture; I even have a separate entry in this blog about my Japanese affair.

This entry is about the upcoming Japanese Language Proficiency Test which will commence on (7th) day of December. This year will be the most challenging year for me since last year, I took Level 3 and wasn’t able to wing it. I’ll take Level 4 and hoping to pass even I will study while on field work.

Yep! you read it right! I’ll be off to work in the next three (3) months. It will commence on 12th day of September until 5th day of December which gives me only the 6th day to wrap up the lessons that I have in mind (if I can still remember).

To give you an idea what JLPT is, below is the summary of competencies for every level of the JLPT.

Why take the JLPT, IELTS, TOEIC and other foreign language tests?

1. Well, we are living in an interrelated, connected world, taking advantage to communicate in a language that is beyond your mother tongue gives you an idea that we are not constrained with English, Spanish and even French. Though I admit, Japanese gives me both a heart and headache, learning the language makes me comfortable. I can talk to a Japanese fellow, and introduce myself, though, due to cross cultural communications(mis) there are some restrictions and prohibitions.

2. According to Technical Skills and Development Authority (, the next hot job will be those in multilingual environment.

3. Learning and be able to adapt to new culture and environment.

Whatever the reason you love to learn foreign language, be sure you really love it and have the interest to finish it, use it as if it is your second tongue, unless you want to start over again.


Saying hello and goodbye..

Last week, I just tendered my resignation; a sign of goodbye to my colleagues in the firm, and saying hello to my new apple of the eye. 

It was a tough decision to tender your resignation. It took me a lot of courage to tell to the person who referred me to the firm that I resign.

Response, reactions anything under the sun

The initial reaction was- really?  What are your next plans? Do you have new work? New environment?  Don’t be a hypocrite tell the mob!

I was fixed in awe, and I really don’t  know, why do I keep on entertaining their questions, can’t they understand that I want to breathe, I want to see the world in different perspective? See things in a brighter and lighter note?

Though they were happy for me, I know that it is a two-sided affair. Yes you’re right! Like a sword, what you say may use against you so beware. ! 🙂

Volunteer work

Away from comfort zone for the next three months without even knowing what will happen- only a  hint that it will be a life-changing experience and opportunity for the participants. Willing to take the challenge to change the world? We’ll see.
On the assessment day, it was a fun yet challenging event. We were six (6), who have nearly the same background. We got our imagination travel at its finest and worked out too much to address various dilemmas in the placement.
Time came that we need to face the reality; work that was left, defense for MA, facing the world of underemployment and or unemployment, buzz of mobile phones, the buzzzzz of cars during rush hours and people who were in hurry to beat the time when they go to work.
I did not expect that I would be shortlisted for the programme; though, questions arise, I set them aside. What is more important for me right now is how will I able to maximize all the support and even the trust that was given to me by the organization and even my family.
It was a tough decision to tell to my parents that I will be out for 3 months. knowing our family being close to each other, we find these things as a serious one already.
To make this entry short, I will limit it into three (3):
1. Self-discovery and personality development
– I just read in an article via online  by Thomas G. Fiffer emphasizing on ” stay only where you are valued”. It made me think that if I want something to change and even the way I do my routine, I should find myself in an organization wherein I am and/will be valued not because I can be underpaid but because I am capable of making a difference. Moreover, self-discovery and soul searching does not happen only once, it is an everyday routine and learning to love who you are is at most important.
2. A chance to change the world
– i have this fetish dream of eradicating poverty in the world, those poor countries will have an access to a world class medication when get sick, children will go to school and eat three (3) square meals a day, and there will be no poor in any country.- – – –  that was before I enter the university and understand that the real world is not working in synch with the facets of the academe. why is that so?  is it really possible to end the world with no poor? can we really make it that all the new born children will have an access to world-class medical facilities and even practices regardless weather they came from urban or rural?
3. Re-aligned perspectives
– I could still remember the first instance that I was able to talk with an indigenous tribe in my grandma’s hometown. It was quite absurd at that moment that I want to talk a lot to a stranger, asks various questions from how are they able to bring the baskets above their heads and still able to cross several rivers, tedious long walks and even the most frightening of all-when their tummy aches. They must endure the pain in return for a can of sardines a kilo or rice which upon returning home will be consumed by all the family members. That was the time I realized how lucky I am to finish my degree and even have a job.
Yep! I have a job, but my body still craves for more, more adventure, more things to see, more sceneries and more people to chat with. My mind and body keeps on telling me to let it go.. like the popular disney movie, it does not matter anymore, (for me) if I am earning big bucks or waiting in vain. This trip or should I say field work will be a test of character, of someone’s personality, will you take the challenge to change the world? Let’s see!