Mt. Manalmon

Money should not be an excuse to enjoy life!

It was only a day hike but it was more than body aches that I’ve got- new friends, real-life lessons and a free cultural immersion!

Mt. Manalmon- bring it ON!

There were 12 of us with diverse lifestyle, but with same passion and goal for that day-to conquer Mt. Manalmon.

We met at around 7am at the Fivestar Bus station along EDSA in Cubao, and departed on the same for Brgy. Camias, San Miguel, Bulacan. We took local transportation-tricycle from the drop-off point going to Sitio Madlum. There were at least 3 barangays that you will need to pass by and would entail a 45 minute ride.


Reached Sitio Madlum! Hello Mt. Manalmon.

There are two ways to get into the registration office through the Monkey Bridge or the “balsa”.


The Monkey Bridge.

Before the real hiking, we were asked to do register which costs us around 70php per head. We have 2 tour guides since we need a front and back guides in case there will someone might get lost.

Upon the orientation, we were asked which trail are we going to take. My friend and I did the talking- we chose the hard one! as if we are already pros.

Our tour/trail guides are Kuya Dong and Kuya Carling who did an excellent job! No one got harmed, nor lost plus we’ve got some trivia about the Mountain.


Prepared to get wet!

We passed by a virgin stream which was so cold! as if you would like to spend your night there!

Since we took the hard one, we should expect it would be stiff and yes! it was! I thought my asthma would recur during our hike, but it was a mere reaction  that my lungs are working! hehehe..


The summit.

The hike to summit took only 1 hour and half depends if you have a lot  breaks and capturing moments. When you get into the summit, all the pain, the hardship that you’ve surpassed were all paid! As if you own the world! No one will tell you to do this and that in a snap of their fingers, no pollutants only the nature and the cool breeze!


Conquered Mt. Manalmon.

All of us were tired, but our adrenalin keeps on telling us we need more! So we indulged ourselves to Bayukbuk cave.


Bayukbuk cave.

We sweat as if we went to gym and burned some fabs, but we did not. 🙂  If  you are claustrophobic, I suggest try to do some closed-door encounter with your room, lights off, for you to get a glimpse of what is like inside the cave.

The Spelunking experience would start passing by the “male reproductive organ” room, you got the idea what it is like inside that room 😛

Next would be a rappelling down to the music room. It was a bit tough to do rappelling since it rained the day before our spelunking escapade, so it was muddy and the stalagmites and stalactites were slippery aside from the fact that they are sharp.


Getting ready for rappelling!

In rappelling, you should trust your guide and your body, if they say stretch do it otherwise say goodbye to the world! 😀

This is the music room, supposedly, if you try to tap one of the stones there, you will hear a drummed like echo . I have been longing to climb a helicopter-ladder, I only used to watch those in Indiana Jones movie doing this!


Helicopter ladder.

Lessons Learned:

It was my second time to do mountain climbing; yet it was another experience that was worth it! It was not a simple escape from urbanity but a mere enlightenment; to act on your dreams and work for reality. I learned it was not tough to change nor explore something new, it would entail courage – yes, but at the end of the day, there will be no regrets, no what ifs. What if I did not join my friend in this weekend getaway? I might regret, – definitely will; what if I don’t allow myself to get used to crowd? A lot or what ifs that I will surely regret or should set as a challenge?

I think this is just the start- that is for sure! There will be more weekend escapades, more mountains to conquer!