No class, suspended, because of monsoon rains

Rains that started last Monday

Rainy days in Mondays like the classic “The Carpenters” song

Making me feel sleepy.

Father arrived with bad news to say

As usual, the conference has started.

We talked about the work – his work

And found out that he will take  a leave for pete sake!

He will take a leave, not to say that he will retire,

Retirement is different from taking a 5 days leave

He will take the leave, so that he wont see

How problematic the office can be

I envy those who are educated,

They know how to make lies the truth

In the eyes of the majority he will win

In a battle of ideas that is inevitable of him.

I envy those who can make things worse,

Making a simple life in a catastrophe world;

I am not in the position to write this things,

But surely  I am entitled of my freedom of speech.

To speak needs to think,

Of what to say and how to say,

In this society that my family is in,

We are not entitled to make criticism

Over the big boss in front of me.

I am afraid that I might encounter,

Person like her weeping me in vain.

I hate those who see me, not as who I am,

Capable of doing things that can turn

Their lives in upside down.

Tipsy curvy life is what I want

For those who bought my father in tears,

Not because I want revenge,

Not only because of my father

But because of millions of  people who are also in vain.

I am sick of this life, making moves on how to advance,

Personal interest over public interest,

Which  keeps me inquiring,

Is there really a concept of justice

In country like this?

Viewing in international arena, we live in a capitalist- democratic society,

Free – flow of goods, services and even ideology,

But it is inevitable in a society

To have a contraction between the burgeosie and the proletariat.

Which  makes things worst; proletariats clamors for democracy and equality,

But let’s face the reality, egalitarian will never exists,

Since each individual personality has it’s own realistic mindset

That will advance it’s interest over the other.

We want to advance the human rights,

But certainly we can’t do that,

As long as disparity exists

No one can exit.

How to prove that I can make things better

Is what my parents told me

You’ve seen the status quo,

What is you antithesis for this?

You want change?

How will you make one?

How will you participate?

How will you make things better

If people like them still in this world?

All I could do,

As I said to them, is to study

Learn the basics of the game,

Make the most of the strategic planning

As deeper as it can be.

I will enter the game,

Not now but in the future let’s say.

I will make different strategies,

Not to lose in the game.

I remembered  what my professor said,

You are in an intellectual journey,

You need to become the philospher kings and queens.

To make life a better .

Since to govern needs intelligence,

But what if, the intelligence corrupted

Our  society that we should make a living?

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