Job Hunting 7.0

Job Hunting 7.0


Think globally, but act locally.


These are the words that my former teacher told me after I had a nice conversation with her today. A conversation; that I may regret in the future, or just a sign of how idealistic I am. The world of today’s generation is about globalization, and while you act nationalistically, it may kill or give you a living.


I head off the metropolis today, as I had my job interview for airline ground support staff. At first, the thought of working in an environment such as in airport made me shivers. Reasons? First, I have to embrace the reality that I need to wear make-up, stand and maintain proper posture, and of course – smile… J Second, conversing to other people is one of my hobbies, as they say. Talk, talk and talk, I can stand a day just talking, but be sure that you won’t fall asleep! J


Pessimism over Optimism


The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. – Franklin D. Roosevelt.


I’ve read an article actually few pages of ‘the science of getting rich’, in one way or the other, it practically discusses the importance of having the good thoughts over the negative one. To quote “like causes produces like effects” so if we think that we can land to our dream job, definitely, we can, just a thought in our mind that we can! I think the reason why we don’t get what we want is that, we ought to think that the world is bunch full of both pessimist and optimist people. It is just a matter of choosing where you want to belong.


I would admit that I am not a good looking one, but I can assure one, that I can be as flexible as doing what is the unconventional. To admit, one, I used to wear mascara for the first time, yes! Today, I think, it is both a learning experience and a challenge for me. How to reconcile the idealism (again) over what is reality.


During our mini-UN gen. assembly, (at home); we used to discuss that:


1. In the real world, you can’t assert who you are. Companies don’t want applicants who brag about their degree, what they want is those who of course make them profit. (Remember, companies are emotionless entities, they do have a name, a reputation like a human being but at the end of the day, they are just as apathetic as a machine would be).


2. It is who you know, not who you are that rules the world. One of the reasons, why this world is soooooooo apathetic is because, we were trained, indoctrinated to be as apathetic as companies. Of course, there are people who work for companies, but at the end of the day, we all exist to survive, to survive would mean, creating connections and having connections means survival in the game.


3. A four year degree course would mean establishing your own shell of pride and over confidence. This is what I’ve learned for the past few months and counting. We were trained (indirectly speaking) what we should be after our 4 years of mental training. But the reality would speak for itself. The market wants people who can do the work, in precise and fastest way as it could be. Why hire newbie if you can increase the salary of an employee? Why hire a newcomer if it would mean, a word war and ideology war and ending in vain? (Remember: they would want those who can provide them the most number of work – increasing the production rather than minimizing it.)


4. A mediocre work is a not as bad as being unemployed


Mediocre means not very good or great, an ordinary according to my phone’s pre – installed dictionary. Working in a job that is not that related to your work is permissible rather than staying at home, without income and still a member of welfare state, who wished to be employed but time came that the market no longer wants his service.


One dilemma that a graduate faces in today’s generation is that, most of them, thinks that they should not work in a mediocre job. Here is my point, weather it is related or not, nor as tough or tedious as it is, do the job. The globalize market needs people who has the experience, not the bunch of idealism in their heads. Really, allow me to quote from my favorite political analyst and a former UP professor (Winnie Monsod): “the journey to a thousand miles starts with a single step”. It was lately that I realized about that. A lot of people wants to work in skyscrapers of the metropolis, and wants an above average wage, but all they have is a bunch of idealism in mind.


We are all service oriented


Imagine, a world without the gadgets that all of us enjoys. Imagine a world where there are no drive-tru stores, no internet connections, and even there is no potable water to drink or a wide variety of foods to choose from.


Companies work because there is a demand for a particular product. They produce what the people needs. They benefit from such demand by means of profit. Such profit will be shared to the number of employees in terms of experience, the nature of work, the position held in the company and that is what we call – salary/income. A portion of this income will be used by the employees to buy such commodity or service. Then it is a ripple effect. What we do affect others, what a company does has an effect on other company or industry.


Diplomacy – Customer service relations

This is my answer to one of the questions raised in my interview. When we talked about diplomacy, it is usually associated with negotiation, with communication, how one handles a certain level or degree of communication with someone of higher or lower status, regardless of who he or she is. It is associated or has a connection in the aviation or tourism industry, since, such industry deals with a variety of persons with diverse cultures. How to handle one person may be as effective or not that effective as handling another. We should take into consideration the cultural background a person has. It is as important as signing a bill into law.! J

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