Good start for a 20 year old

Today is my special day, today I supposedly celebrating my special day with my family and some close friends. Though I want to be this day as special as it can be I can’t. I need to head off my class and my family needs to run their errands.

Twenty years has passed, it was a truly nice try to create a blog like this. I had several accounts before but I failed to maintain it. I started to make this blog right at this moment, to remind me that this day, my 20th day of existence should be meaningful as it can be, not only today but in the days ahead.

Let us make some review of what I have done for the past few years.

1. I can speak a basic foreign language – basic Japanese.

2. I was able to pass two subjects under the stressful professor in my college.

3. I was able to enter college – definitely I thank my family (parents) for allowing me to enter college.

4. I can cook – mostly vegetables and sea foods (I don’t usually eat meat).

5. I get in touch with the library (where most of the time I stayed).

6. I attended seminars about personal finance and financial markets – ( before I hate numbers, but thanks to a classmate, I was enlightened that numbers can actually make you rich!).

7. I make bookmarks (well, as a hobby I do this and give it to my friends as a token of appreciation in the future blogs I will post one).

8. I travel far from my comfort zone – I traveled for some provinces in the country together with my parent, or sometimes by myself.

9. I was able to try an airplane ride – I always dream of this, before I thought if I will be able to ride an airplane I am one of the elites! kidding aside, I think riding an airplane is one of the dreams of a young child.

10. I was able to visit a museum –  I love museums it is as if I am traveling back through time, before I opt to take a course in anthropology but suddenly, I’d change my mind, but it doesn’t change the way I love to see on museums.

11. I have good and not so good friends – this is a typical life isn’t? We encounter people who may act good or the otherwise to us, anyway I have another blog about it. 🙂

12. I get loss – always – This is a typical scenario for me if I will go to a place that is beyond my daily route. Sometimes, I was ahead of the place sometimes, I need to walk to the place – ‘dora” style.

13.I fall for someone but then it did not work – we decided (or I) that we should wait for the proper time.

14. I realized that my family and I is bunch of idealistic persons settled in one abode.

15. I was able to reconcile my tantrums with my eldest brother though he is working away from us.

It may a good start, but I should keep going, I remember, every year that I celebrate my birthday, we usually have a buffet at home, with gifts and of course with my friends and other relatives who want to celebrate this special day with me, and most often the not, I always have a flooded messages in my cellphone, tons of greetings for me. Now, the tide has change, I received two messages greeting me on this day, my father greeted me as if today is a no thrift day. I am not materialistic, I may be an emotional one, but is this a part of the growing process? You tend to think that material things are non essential in return you have a stable life. Does a happy life lies on the person or his environment? What are the grounds for happiness? Can we buy it? I may not have an extravagant day today, but I realized that to celebrate your day is not simply on the food that they bring at home, the gifts, the money that they give,but it is about how do you see life even if there is a clout of doubt in it.

I am more blessed than any other individual who may celebrating their special day as well. I think it is more special if we think of this day as challenging ourselves how to become a better person, a better individual in the society and how we confront our personal problems with an ease. I think that is a good start, like a ground zero.